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Entrepreneur Activity

The word of “Entrepreneur” is from a French word that point for someone who shows initiative. K2 children of TKK Penabur GS learned how to be an initiative kid and earn money from Charity Bazaar that was held on September 22nd, 2015. Every child took part from the event, they made some art to be…

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Let’s ride on a motorcycle!

Today is very special day, why??? This morning Toddler children got new experience…brmmm…brmmm…Yes! this is their first time to ride on a motorcycle at “Taman Lalu Lintas”. Before that,the children wore jacket and helmet. The teachers told them that they have to wear jacket and helmet for their safety. On that day, they also made…

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Asyiknya Belajar dan Bermain di Sekolah Alam

Kegiatan sekolah alam adalah kegiatan yang sangat di nantikan anak-anak TKK Penabur Gading Serpong. Kamis, 17 September 2015  K2. C&D mendapatkan jadwal sekolah alam. Anak anak sangat gembira saat belajar di  sekolah alam. Menanam jagung, menyiram, membakar jagung serta memakan jagung bakar. Bahkan anak anak sangat antusias saat bermain di sungai mini.  Terlihat anak anak…

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This week K1 class choose “Color in My Food” theme and we decided to make “Friendship Fruit Salad”. Children already prepare their own fruit, and teacher prepared the tools to make this salad. First, we need to wash the fruit and cut off the stems of the strawberries. Second, we cut all the fruit into…

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Gardening Time

Friday, September 9, 2015 is a sunny day it’s a good day for us to go out and gardening. We want to get the children outside to enjoy all that nature has to offer. This month our Theme is “You are what you eat” and the children choose to eat right. So the children start…

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Cho cho train at sunny day

          Hurray   traditional train versi Gading Serpong it’s too hat at all but we truelly enjoy it………. You wanna try……singing along song” Chugga..chugga.. chugga…” ooh…the track……not long enough to run but It’s ok. Might be next time  We’ll ride on the long track………chugga..chugga….chugga… Ci uuuuuuuuu at the next time .

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