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Christmas around the world at TKK PENABUR Gading Serpong

Date: December 20, 2013 Author: dillachristina Categories: News

Christmas Day is one important moment for all Christians, especially for the children. The birth of Jesus Christ is interpreted as a form of goodness and generally the kids are always very happy to welcome the Christmas holiday as a special celebration. This is what is felt by the children at TKK Penabur Gading Serpong . On Saturday, December 6, 2013, TKK Penabur Gading Serpong we Celebrated Christmas in Gading Serpong at SMAK building, on the 6th floor. The event was done in 2 sessions. The first session was for the children of PG and K1, and the second session was for the two toddler children and K2. The purpose of the Christmas celebration held at TKK Gading Serpong in addition to celebrating the birth of Jesus, as well as to hone the skills of children in the arts such as drama, dance and play musical instruments.

The Christmas theme this year was Loving God, loving One Another. The event took place quite orderly and the children were well prepared by teachers. Children from Toddlers to K2 featured drama, dance and playing the angklung.

The story was about a grandmother that flew from one country to another country to celebrate Christmas in various countries. All the kids wore costumes of the country of Indonesia, Korea, China, Germany, USA, Netherlands.

All the children were very happy and excited about the show that they performed in front of both parents and teachers. Everyone was happy to see the performances of these children. And the kids went home with joy.