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Fashion Gallery

Date: November 13, 2015 Author: ariretnawati Categories: News

The theme on October for PG class is “Fashion Gallery”. It’s introduced to the children a wide range of garments such as: Sport clothes, Profession clothes, Traditional clothes and movie characters clothes. A variety of exciting activities had been carried out such as: watching the making of clothes, ironing clothes, creativity (making doctor’s clothes,” Ulos” from newspapers, making robes inspired by movie characters, etc) .The children were invited then to wear costumes of their favorite characters. At the time they got to know a lot of costumes worn on their favorite character films. Children were also given the opportunity to display their favorite costumes.
On Friday, October 29, 2015, PG class held “Gebyar”. The children of PG show cased their costume in which some were dressed as super man, Batman, Captain America, Princess Sophia, Princess Cinderella, some are wearing Sports clothes. They were given the opportunity to show off their costumes on stage. They were like a little mannequins walking on the stage. This activity helped them to develop independence and self-confidence in the children. We are proud all of you children. Well done.

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