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Date: December 13, 2013 Author: dillachristina Categories: News

K1 student visited Ocean Dream Samudera. We were very excited, when we arrive at the Ocean Dream Ocean. We could not wait to see all the performances. It was an amazing experience to be able to learn more and to be up close with the marine biota, such as dolphins and seals.  We also saw performances of the Mermaid & The Pearl Aquatic Dance. We had to go to from one place to another to watch the shows.

The first show was “Aneka Satwa”, there were some animals in this show, for example parrot, beaver, bear, and even a hippopotamus. The show began with the action of two beaver tails. They acted this out by walking on the top of the circle that resembled a wheel, riding a bike, selling meatballs and playing basketball. Furthermore, the bears appear to act by spinning, capturing hula hoop, driving and exercising. Then, a large hippo came out accompanied by the music of Java is the last part. Wow..  the hippo was the biggest animal in the show! They were all well-trained animals. The thing that maKe the show funny was the narrators, as they were good at making funny jokes. We are very happy to see these animal shows.

The next show was the Sea Lion show. The three sea lions that walked into the arena really caught our attention. They flew a flag which signaled the show to begin. We watched as the sea lion played with the ball, catch the rings, did acrobatics, and even did some counting. They showed us that they could do addition, subtraction, and multiplication, and of course they answered correctly. The other show was the dolphin show.  They are cute mammals. They did some regular attraction such as, jumping and hitting the ball, jumping through a circle, playing with a ring, and they did some counting as well.

After these three shows, we had lunch together. We then continued our school trip and watched Mermaid & The Pearl Aquatic Dance at the Underwater Theater. This show is an underwater dance performed by a dancer and an underwater dolphin. The theme is a mermaid and pearl. We sat neatly and watched seriously the show, which was in front of a giant aquarium. We were all fascinated by the dancing mermaids in the water. We were all went back to school happily.

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