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Having Fun in the Market

Date: April 15, 2016 Author: ariretnawati Categories: News


This is a nice day to go to the market. But, how if we go to the market by tricycle? A great idea! Let’s go and shop there! The children of PG E and PG F today have fun by doing role play with market theme.

First, we ride our tricycle and come to the vegetable stall. Then, we start to buy and sell the vegetables. We divide ourselves as the buyers and sellers. There are vegetables, such as carrots, beans, long beans, peas, tomatoes, and cucumber. Not only we learn about kinds of vegetables but also selling and bargaining our products in traditional market. Hooray! How happy we are today! Now we know how to buy and sell in the market. Next time we will accompany our mom to shop at the market.

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