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Horse Shoe Frame

Date: April 30, 2016 Author: sariahmayunita Categories: News

Last week, K2 children took a picture riding on a horse in a cowboy costume. Then  they made a horse shoe frame by wrapping ribbon around the horse shoe pattern. They were happy to be able to take it home. That’s a moment that you will never forget children. God Bless You                                                                                                 .IMG_20160415_072109 IMG_20160415_073022 IMG_20160415_074012 IMG_20160415_075243 IMG_20160415_091844 IMG_20160415_092535 IMG_20160415_092650 IMG_20160415_103615 IMG_20160415_103835 IMG_20160415_115050 IMG_20160415_115440 IMG_20160415_122809 IMG_20160415_123004 IMG_20160420_072427 IMG_20160420_072449 IMG_20160420_072502 IMG_20160420_072515 IMG_20160420_073135 IMG-20160421-WA0121