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Independence Day

Date: August 24, 2016 Author: poppieadisurja Categories: News

We are K2 level celebrate Independence day at TKK PENABUR Gading Serpong on Thursday August 18th 2016.

All K2 students join competition such as:  Red and White tassel making competition and Race Pouring Water Relay.

Red and white tassel making competition is a personal competition so every child have a change to make red and white tassel with ABA pattern. The winner for every class is the students who do the right pattern correctly and faster.

Race Pouring Water Relay is a competition for group. Each group consisting of 6 children. Every group will compete to carry water on their head and hand it to their friends who stand behind them. The last child in the group will pour water in the big bucket. The winner is the group who has much water on the bucket.

Children look excited and happy when they do the competition.

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