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A Service in Our Chapel

TKK PENABUR Gading Serpong has a chapel on the second floor of our school building. Children from level PG, K1 and K2 got the opportunity to practice a Church Service role play at the chapel. Some of the children from each class would be chosen to be a Priest, Majelis (the assembly of the congregation), and Jemaat (people who attending; congregations). They would be acting as they own part and following the ceremony lead by the priest. A child who acted as a priest would be wearing a black-priest-cloak.

The priest and the assembly of congregations would welcome other children at the front door of the chapel by shaking hands. After all the children sit nicely at the long bench of the chapel, the priest would walk slowly to the altar followed by the assembly whose place beside the altar. Soon, the priest would lead the ceremony. Wow… how nice to know how the Sunday Service would be like. This is a worthwhile activity to do. Come and join us in our Sunday Service role-play! “… Let the little children come to Me …” –Mark 10:14.