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Know More About Reptile

Date: April 8, 2016 Author: dwiwahyuningsih Categories: News

On Friday, April 1st 2016, the children of TKK PENABUR Gading Serpong gained a new experience and knowledge about reptile. Reptile? Yes!!!! We invited Reptile Lover Tangerang to share their information about reptile, such as the characteristic of reptile (dry skin, scales, cold blooded, etc). They brought reptiles such as: crocodile, tortoise, iguana, gecko and many kinds of snake of course.

For 30 minutes at the beginning, they presented about their reptile and for the next 60 minutes, children were able to touch, take picture and explore with their curiosity. Unexpectedly, so many children were excited to touch and learn more about the reptiles.

At the end of session, they also told us be aware of reptile because there are venomous or non venomous  snakes so don’t touch if you find them in the wild.

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