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Engraving Achievement to Learn and Learn More

Date: December 19, 2017 Author: veronicarahayu Categories: Achievement, Article, Events

After receiving an invitation from local district KelapaDua for joining PORSENI – IGTKIcompetitions,TKKPENABURGadingSerpong was enthusiastically accepted it. For almost several weeks, all the teachers were preparing the skills, tools as well as the good spirit. We would gladly joined for Choir Competition, Finger Painting, Educative Teaching Aids (APE – AlatPeragaEdukatif), Story with Tools (BerceritadenganAlat), and Drawing Serial Pictures. All the teachers practice hand in hand to make a good cooperation. The competition took place at Islamic School on November 25th,2017. Praise the Lord, TKKGS Team won the first runner up for APE and Finger Painting and the winner for Story with Tools.

On the same month, November 30th, 2017, our library technician also joined a story telling competition which was held byBPKPENABUR JAKARTA. Miss Eny DK as our delegation picked a local legend from Aceh titled “PangeranAmatMude”. She told out this story as a single drama with colorful puppet and different level voice tones. She could almost make this story become real by the true appreciation. The moral of this story was about how we as the human being have to do well to all God’s creation without exception. PangeranAmatMude as the main role of this story described as a good man who is never give up in life and God is willing for him. Praise the Lord, Miss Eny became the winner of this competition. Thank You God for such a blessing for us.