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” My Decay Papaya”

Date: March 15, 2016 Author: dwiwahyuningsih Categories: News

The children did science day for 4 days. They did research about “Decay Papaya”. First time, they saw three papaya with different maturity; that were ripe papaya, half-ripe papaya, and unripe papaya. They saw from first day until 4 day about it. They saw changes in papaya; the first papaya looked a white and grey in skin texture, The child said: “Miss, There is a white and grey in skin texture in papaya!!” they were amazed and excited to see the changes of papaya. For 4 days, they said that Don’t eat papaya if it is long, but eat ripe papaya on that day, so it is not decay. They were happily to research it.

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