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Date: December 13, 2013 Author: dillachristina Categories: News

On 9th of November 2013, TKK PENABUR Gading Serpong held a big event, OPEN HOUSE. In this open house, we had so many activities and competitions, such as fashion show, story telling and arranging story competition.
Children from every class had to perform their own performance, such as dancing, singing and also a role play. The children were very happy and confidence on the stage as their parents watched them. The children who joined the fashion show competition also felt confident. They wore fable costumes for Playgroup, Bible Character costumes for K1 and Countries Costumes for K2. Story telling competition had been joined by children and parents. They worked well together as they told their story in front of the judges. Arranging story competition was followed by K1 and K2 children. K1 children had to arrange 3 pieces of a story and K2 children had to arrange 6 pieces of a story.
The main aim of this event was to get more parents to come and join our school. To promote our school, we had a trial class for Playgroup and Kindergarten 1, so the parents could see for them selves show the learning process takes place in the class. And Thanks to God for the many new parents that came to know more about our school through this event.
To make this experience fun for our children, we also provided some entertainment, such as puppet show and toys making for Toddler and Playgroup. Overall, this event was successful and all the children were very happy.