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Nanny’s Training

Date: December 19, 2017 Author: veronicarahayu Categories: Article, Events

As we all know that education not only from the school alone. Every part of the children’s surroundings is important for their growth. That is why, a training for Nanny is a periodically program in TKKPENABURGadingSerpong. This time, we trained nanny of our school’s students how to manage immediate acts to the injured patients. Usually, we called it ATLS (Advanced Trauma Life Support) or “PertolonganPertamaPadaKecelakaan” (P3K). The event was held in November 29th, 2017. The training was all about how to give first aid or medical treatment to injured person. We never know how dangerous situations could happen in children daily life, such as bleeding, burns wounded and nosebleed.

All the participant nannies were not only being introduced of the theory but also had to practice it. They learnt how to use triangle fabric (MITELA/ ESMARCH/ VERNAID) and bandages to wrap fracture or wound. They also learnt how to give first aid to wounds on the children body, such as arm, feet and head. All the nannies were excitedly followed this session. We also reminded them to always be careful in everything they do and keep the safety of the children first. We encouraged the nannies to be caution and not panic when an accident happened. We hope, what they had learnt could be such a benefit in their life as well as the children’s.