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Short Classical Concert

Date: April 19, 2016 Author: dwiwahyuningsih Categories: News

It was a bright day when our school get visits from Community Music Center, they bring Classical music atmosphere to our school. On this “short concert” they bring the classical music in the children ages.

Usually concert going is synonymous with the stress and pressure of keeping babies and children still and quiet. That’s if they are even allowed to be there at all!  But today everybody enjoy the music, even the toddler class. They keep their eyes focusing on the music!

We believe interacting with the music in a natural way, whether that’s dancing, clapping our hands based on the rhythm, or playing the instrument itself, is key to absorbing all that the world of classical music has to offer.

Thank you for making our children journey so fun when we put music with us, and encourage the children to love classical music from early ages.

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