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Toddler’s First Day at School

Date: September 14, 2017 Author: veronicarahayu Categories: Article

Yes!! School has just started, especially for toddler level in TKK PENABUR Gading Serpong, this is a very special BIG moment. School activities for toddler began on August 2017. Some children of two years old came to school accompanied by their parents, babysitters, some also came with their grandparents along. Wow, we could see their enthusiasm on their lovely face! Indeed, this was a very first time for the children to have their “schooling”.

At First day school, the children were being introduced how to greet the teacher before entering the classroom. Some were bravely enough to follow the greetings and look at the teacher’s eyes with a smile, while the others still looked shy without any words. All of them looked so adorable. After that, they were helped to hang their own bag on their chair, sat properly on the chair and then prayed. Some could follow the praying gesture, by folding hands and closing eyes. Then, joined to play maracas and tambourines, sang “Happy Birthday” together for PENABUR 67th birthday and blew up the candles on a giant-imitated-cake. Next activities were lining up by holding a rope to go to the rest room and washing their hands. They were trained to always walk in line. Before eating time, they practiced to pray first, took their own lunch box, and ate by themselves. After lunch, they did routine activities of praying and greeting goodbye to teachers and friends. Before going home, they were given colorful balloons to be taken home. Yeay We had so much fun! Happy Birthday, PENABUR!