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Welcoming Jolly Phonics Program

Date: August 14, 2016 Author: destywulansari Categories: News

Jolly phonics is an English program that was founded in UK in 1987, after five years research by British Publisher, they enlarged this program around the world especially for the country that not English spoken.

Jolly phonics was designed to teach children how to read, write, and spell using a systematic multi-sensory phonics program. Jolly phonics was developed for children from junior kindergarten to grade 2.  It can be used for children who have reading and or writing difficulties and for children who are learning how to read/write for the first time. by Jolly phonics program, One letter sound is taught each day through worksheets, kinesthetic actions, flash cards, games, sound books, and by using an alphabet frieze, which illustrates the action and symbol for the sound.

K1 children learn form letter S, and we make the letter S by collage. Children were excited to make those collage, not only collage, children tear the paper. Its really helpful the children to train the children in their soft motoric.

We hope this program can help the children to train not only in language area but also in kinesthetic.

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