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What a fun learning number bond !

Date: March 7, 2016 Author: sariahmayunita Categories: News

Children of K2. A,B learning the concept of number 1-15 and number bond 5-6 with the sub theme of “Farm Animals”. At first, they were introduced to the farm animals through watching the video. We also invited them to sing and dance with their favorite farm animal’s costume. Later on, they were shown to the farm animal doll such as: hen, sheep, cow and the miniature of farm. When having the concept of number 1- 15 by putting and counting the pattern of hens, sheeps, and cows in the stable. They could count the pattern of farm animals correctly. Good job kids! When finished, we invited them to have a game of discomposing number and number bond 6. Through that game they tried to understand by separating themselves into 2 parts by filling the holes pattern on the floor. They tried so hard with the excitement. Finally you did it! The last activity, they practiced number bond 5 by counting 5 objects such as: milk bottles and boxes, yarns, toy eggs by separating those objects into two parts on the pattern that we provided several times then write the number on the worksheet. Wow… we were having so much fun, today!

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