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Yummy Veggie Salad Makes Me Healthy

Date: April 15, 2016 Author: ariretnawati Categories: News

“Salad is yummy, salad is nice, salad…I like!”

Do you like salad? Do you know how to make it? It is sooo easy. The children of Playgroup make veggie salad today while learning about the kinds of vegetables. Veggie salad includes lettuce, cucumber, carrot beans, and tomato. At first, we put all the cuts of vegetables into a bowl. Then, we add three spoonful of mayonnaise and a spoonful of liquid sugar. Finally, we mix them all. Yeayy! The veggie salad is ready to eat. We prepare them in the cup and all of us taste the veggie salad. Soooo yummy! We love to eat vegetables.

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